The Haiti Blockchain Alliance is an organization that is dedicated to supporting and facilitating
blockchain technology projects which will provide a benefit to the Haitian people.
The advent of Blockchain Technology brings new hope to the developing world. Blockchain-based data systems can help to solve many of the seemingly intractible problems faced in these nations.  Issues such as financial inclusion, medical records and delivery of primary care, land title ownership documentation and the high cost of remittance transfers can be addressed using Blockchain technology.  Projects have begun across the developing world, but no projects have yet to begin in Haiti.

We plan to change that!
The Haiti Blockchain Alliance team is ready to facilitate projects of all kinds in Haiti. Our plan is to leverage our experience and offer it to blockchain technology companies who are ready to put their plans into action. Please take a look at this site to learn more or call Alliance founder Dennis Acton at 603 496 6852 to learn how to get going in Haiti.

Please Support Us!
Medical data collection team Medical data collection team in Haiti.