Blockchain Project Support and Logistics:
Who we are:  We are a trusted team of logistics professionals and project managers who have worked together since the early days after the earthquake in 2010.  We conducted field surveys amidst the chaos to provide valuable data on number of injured patients to the medical relief organizations as they arrived. 
We also provided transportation and logistics support to teams of medical professionals traveling to the disaster zone to treat patients.  Many of the original team are now assisting Haiti Blockchain Alliance projects. In fact, we are recruiting our patients to take part as well.  We have formed a 501c3(pending) US non-profit organization to help facilitate blockchain projects in Haiti.
Haitian Ministry of Health meeting two weeks after earthquake  
Our plan is to leverage our knowledge of the local economy and experience in executing difficult projects to provide our partners with valuable services.  You can focus on developing unique and successful blockchain solutions while we assist you every step of the way.
Blockchain startups can focus on testing and development while we will make your time “in-country” is safe, productive and hassle-free.  This is not an easy task in Haiti.  Many have tried to accomplish projects here but have failed due to the challenges of understanding the culture and the difficulty of navigating government bureaucracies.  We can be your guides through this maze by providing:
-Safe and efficient logistics and transportation support
-Secure food, lodging and office space with Internet bandwidth
-Vetted pool of “boots on the ground” contractors ready to help
-Training and conference center for educating the public
-Assistance building partnerships with government ministries and Haitian businesses
-Marketing and Public Relations with strong local and global reach.
The world is waiting for good news from Haiti.  We can provide that.
We are working towards widespread acceptance of crypto currency.   Our goal is to provide financial inclusion using digital wallets and related services. We hope to partner with a cryptocurrency operation that has long term vision like we do and has a development community that will work with us to build solutions that help solve problems in the developing world.